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  • Professional photos conform to all government regulations

  • The software equipped to supply digital photos, e-passport and e-visa photos at extra cost.

  • Baby and toddler passport/visa photo specialists - Family-friendly environment

  • We do more than just Canadian passport/visa photos. Whether you need a Chinese, Indian, UK, US, OCI, NICOP, UK visa, or any other country passport or visa photo, we have the correct size

Our photos comply with the Government guidelines. If you can, remember to wear blue...this works best. 

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​**Children who cannot sit on their own will need to lie down on our backdrop. Cost will be different than our regular price. **




Baby Passports-infants that cannot sit up $20..all others $10

You have 100% guarantee your photo will be accepted.

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Burlington Passports Pictures,  Passport Photos, Citizenship Photos and Permanent Citizenship Photos. Takes LESS THAN 15 minutes. Q quick service for only $9.99. 
Easy as 1, 2 and 3!  Book Online, Take Photo and Leave with Photo.  

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Canadian Government Requirements for Passport Photos.    The photos must be taken in person by a commercial photographer. 2. Photos must be taken within the last six (6) months. 3. The photos must be taken against a plain white or light-coloured background with enough contrast between the background, facial features and clothing, so that the applicant’s features are clearly distinguishable against the background. 4. Applicant must show a neutral facial expression (no smiling, mouth closed) and look straight at the camera. 5. The photos must be clear, sharp and in focus. 6. The photos must show a full head without any head covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons.  7. Eyes must be open and clearly visible. Photos with the red eye effect or red eye alterations are unacceptable. We have specialized software to ensure the proportion of the Head is within parameters of the picture too.  

Canadian Citizenship photos can be made from a picture you take with your camera by our Photography Studio, we will ensure a perfectly white backdrop with proper exposure to your picture.   Infants or very small children who are unable to support themselves should be photographed lying down from above. We will provide two (2) identical citizenship photographs (except Renunciation applications, where only one (1) photo is required.) Your photographs will comply with Government  specifications.

We provide services for your Canada Permanent Resident Card 5x7 cm (50x70mm) in 2 seconds Taken in a professional setting and camera we will ensure your picture has proper contrast and a pure white backdrop. You will receive two  Canada Permanent Resident pictures  (50x70mm).Guaranteed to be accepted You will get your photo in several seconds

We can offer passport photos for over 50 different countries.  We will stamp the photo but the wait time will take a little longer.  For example, passport photos for India should be 50.8cm x 50.8 cm.  Therefore, we will have to manually cut the photo to ensure the passport meets the specific standards.   With over 50 countries in our portfolio, we can successfully take passports for any country!  FOREIGN PASSPORTS $15.

We offer US Passport Photos, Passport Photos for India, Chinese Passport Photos, Photos for OCI Cards, England Passport Photos, Australian Passport Photos.   Common Sizes are 2 inch x 2inch for United State Passport Photos.  This size is often associated with other countries.  We have the dimensions for 80 Countries.  

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